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Sunday September 3rd, 2006

The last couple comics were late, and this is the first incentive in a few weeks. Oh well, at least things are progressing again. Late comics are better than non-comics. And technically the incentives don't even have a schedule, so there! Speaking of incentive comics, if anybody is actually curious as to why they've been less frequent, it's because I'm having enough trouble just thinking up scripts for the regular comic. If you think it'd be fun to write your own four-panel comic script, send it to me. If I like it, I'll make it happen, and mail you back to let you know when you can see it under the vote button.

Any scripts I get would have to have these things: clear indication of when a new panel starts; the name of the character who says the line, as well as any specific actions or gestures they make; no more than four panels; no sexual or exceedingly violent content (no more violent than anything I've already shown, anyway); the name/nickname that you want to go by, and if you want, a single web link (subject to my approval); the best spelling and grammar you can manage. I'll continue to make my own incentive comics if I don't get much response (and I'm not really expecting I will), but if people can come up with good scripts for me, it'll smooth things out and make things easier for me.
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